P r e c i s i o n m a c h i n e d p a r t s

Our extensive experience and streamlined operations enable us to manufacture products of a quality, cost, and lead time that are in no way inferior to those of Japanese manufacturers.WTM precision machined parts are manufactured using heat treatments, machining, surface treatments, and other technologies by our highly skilled Chinese business partners as part of our comprehensive production organization.These processes are performed on machining centers, numerical-control lathes, wire-cut and other electric discharge machines, grinding/polishing machines, and other equipment suitable for complex precision machining of a variety of products. WTM manufactures parts using a wide range of materials and lot sizes, suitable for mass production or OEM.WTM supplies virtually any kind of precision part at reasonable cost and with a short lead time as it continues to offer numerous customers the benefits of a flexible manufacturing system.

P r e c i s i o n  m a c h i n e d

WTM manufactures a wide variety of parts requiring a high degree of precision or the cutting of complex geometries for use in products as diverse as cameras, automobiles, communications devices, medical devices, and semiconductors.